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The Ultimate Guide on How To Point Domain to Hosting.

Table of Contents

Hey fellow, are you searching for the easiest way to connect your doing with the hosting? If yes, then you are in the right place. Because today, I will provide an ultimate guide on the topic of how to point the domain to hosting. The method which I am going to share is the most recommended by the experts, and believe me, you can quickly implement this method without having any professional knowledge. So stay connected with this article and read all the lines carefully.

Note: You should know that if you are changing the DNS of your domain, then it can take up to 24 hours to propagate worldwide fully. So don’t be panic; this process is not in our hands. Now let’s move towards our guide.

How to Point Domain Name to Hosting in Easy Steps:

Step 1:- You must know the nameservers of your hosting providers that eventually help you to connect your domain fast with hosting. If you are facing any difficulty to find the name service, then you can take help from our website help center.

Step 2:- Once you get nameservers of your new hosting, then copy all of them because you need to enter those nameservers on your domain registrar’s control panel.

Step 3:- Now, this is the time to log in to your domain registrar for replacing the old name service with the new one. Most of the popular domain Registrar have similar settings to Manage DNS.

Step 4:- Under the Manage DNS button, you will find the update nameservers option in which you have to click for connecting your new hosting with the desired domain.

Step 5:- In the next step, replace old name servers with the new one provided by your hosting providers.

When you apply the New Nameservers Values, then you have to wait for the worldwide propagation. However, this process takes a few hours for the changes to take effect and make your respective website accessible from different locations all over the world.


Thanks for visiting our website and giving your valuable time to read the most important article related to hosting change. I hope you get all the relevant details of how you can change your hosting providers and make your website accessible in easy steps. Don’t try to move your registrar just for changing your hosting, and if you do the same then you need to pay transfer fees.

If you still face any difficulty on Pointing Domain Name to Hosting, then you can check the registrar’s Help or FAQ page or reach us using chat support and contact us page.


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