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How to Find A Brand Domain For Your Blog?

Table of Contents

Blogging is the NEW NORMAL Nowadays . So welcome to this new road and to sustain

In this new road you should come up with something unique .

The best thing you can come up with is your ideas and content and to make that content unique you should have unique branding. 


So let’s begin


Why is the Domain name Important ?


Name is the most attractive thing and it creates the first impression about anything whether  it’s a person, brand or blog . But finding the best suited Domain is a challenge. But we all know if there is a will there’s a way 


There are many examples where due to name and domain the big brands suffer a huge loss and they were forced to rebrand and relaunch for eg Mercedes-Benz launched their company in China in the name of “BENSI” which means – “RUSH TO DIE” .

Similarly, a music website named itself which was also one of the epic fails 


So let’s find out the best suited name 

For that you should ask yourself some questions and plan it accordingly 



As I said earlier, domain names create the first impressions and it helps us for branding. So

it would be best if your brand name suits the theme of your blog 

For eg, if you are working on photography, try to keep names like “”



First of all select your target audience then according to their average taste find a name.

 Brand domain name should be a mixture of your audience’s taste and your taste i.e your end goal.


Things you have to keep in mind before purchasing a domain


  • Try to make your domain name best suited for your purpose i.e. if you are working on a food blog then try to keep your name as
  • Try to keep your domain limited within “.com” ,”.in” , “.edu”  because this makes your blog look more professional and  a smart surfer always looks from starting to end of a domain.. To be honest I myself do this
  • Blog names should be catchy 
  • Easy to remember
  • They should not be too long
  • Now once you have finished setting up all the above mentioned things, you should start using WWW in its best possible way


How to find the best domain name?


There are huge options on the internet for searching your best suited brand domain 

  • Panabee
  • Learn Domain search
  • Domain wheel
  • Nameboy
  • Namemesh


Visit any of these sites, put your keywords, a huge list will appear, select a simple, short, unique, easy to remember name.


After you find your desired domain name then it’s time to acquire it , To acquire it you should complete the payments safely.


After completion of your payment, once you have acquired it now it’s time to open down your thoughts and customise it . 


After you have finished customising it’s time to select a proper web hosting


Once web Hosting is done now it’s time to publish it and rock on .


That’s all I hope this helps you in finding your best brand domain name 



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