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How To Choose A Profitable Niche For Your Blog in 2020

Starting a blog is not a difficult task at all. Most people start a blog and after a few days, they leave blogging due to their interest or lack of expected earnings. If you want to run a blog for a long time, then before starting a blog, you have to choose a profitable niche for your blog. If you are not aware of the niche, let me reduce your confusion.

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What is a niche??

Many people don’t know much about niches on their initial days of blogging journeys and later they regret it. Niche is a particular topic for your blog, regarding which you will write all your blog content. Blogging, fashion, technology, health, etc are examples of niche. 

Why do you need a niche??

 Instead of working on several topics, it would be best if you go for a single niche/topic. It may be boring but if you are planning for a long-term blog, then selecting a particular niche is the best key for a successful blog.  


It will help you in branding

If you go for a single niche, it will help you in branding. Don’t know how? For example: Let’s talk about HostFizia, the best place to host a website/blog. We all know that HostFizia resolved issues related to blogging and hosting. Whenever you hear about HostFizia you can easily say that it is the best place for websites to host. It’s all about branding.  


You can easily identify your audience

As you are working on a single niche so you know what your audience wants from you. And if you can understand your audience, it will be easy to interact with them and grow your blog fast. If any of your blog posts go viral you can easily cover more articles related to that topic to grab those audiences and if you can reach your audience’s expectations it will help you grab them for a lifetime. For example: while searching for any topic if we find any particular website with compact information about the searched topic, then next time we visit that site directly for any information regarding a similar topic.


Multi niche always hurts  

How can a multi-niche hurt your blog ?? Let’s assume your blog is on Blogging. After working for a few days you have generated good audience impressions. So your audience is expecting more posts regarding blogging. At that time you published a blog regarding weight loss. Will it be beneficial for them? Not right! At the same time, the trust level will decrease.

So if you work in multiple niches, after investing lots of time and effort, you will observe that you’ve received none.  


Why You Should Choose A Profitable Niche

A profitable niche means a niche that let’s you earn a good amount of money and that will remain for the long term. You are going to start a blog which means you are going to invest your time along with your effort and savings. So in return, you want some money for your hard work. Everyone expects the same. Many people start blogging but few of them earn a good amount of money from it. The only difference is the niche which let’s them earn good amounts.  If you choose a profitable niche it let’s you blog in the long run. 


5 Things you should keep in mind before choosing a niche for your blog


Go for your interests and experiences

If you select the niche from your interest, it will boost your productivity to work more. And if you select that niche in which you have an interest along with real-life experience it will help you to work smoothly as you are capable enough in problem-solving. For example: if you are a computer science graduate and you start a blog on Computers. You know the issues most people face and how to get rid of those computer issues, as you have enough experience. So you can easily guide people on solving those computer issues. 


Way of  Monetization

Most people start a blog to earn some money from it. If you are wishing the same then before starting you have to plan for monetization.

If you are planning for affiliate marketing then you have to select a niche that has the benefits of affiliate marketing. If you are planning to monetize your blog through AdSense then you have to check whether the niche is accepted by AdSense or not. Make sure to check the cost per click and cost per view rates for your niche. Otherwise, it will be difficult for you to earn a good amount of money from your blog through AdSense. 


Monthly searchers

As I said earlier, creating a blog is not that difficult whereas maintaining it is. So if you want to earn a good amount of money from your blog you need a good amount of traffic. And while selecting a niche, if you select a niche that does not have enough monthly search results, then it will not be profitable for you. So before starting a blog you have to keep in mind what your long-term goals are.



Audience Interest

In the last point, I said about monthly searches that define the Audience’s interest. If it has a good amount of monthly searches that means it has a good fan base and it is popular among the audience. If you focus on audience interest it will be easy for you to grab those audiences and you can easily generate good traffic. In return, it will help you to earn more. 


Less Competition

Finding a niche with a high volume of monthly searches is easy as there are so many trending topics. But as we are planning for a profitable blog, we have to stick with a niche in which volume remains the same. And along with that, we have to find a niche that has less competition but high search volume. As there is low competition, we can easily rank higher and compete with others.                               


Final words: I hope now you can easily choose a profitable niche for your blog. Once you have found a profitable niche, the game is all yours. Just do your work and wait for the game-changing result. Keep in mind that good things take time.

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